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Distinguished users of the Distribution system of CSD AD Skopje, please take into account the following notes, regarding the services provided via the Portal:

The data contained in the reports that are available through the CSD’s Distribution system are provided from the main and historic database of the Depository (basic database of the Depository).

Therefore, we note that the data in the reports provided through the Distribution system may be provided with certain delay compared to the data recorded in the basic database of the Depository, which can’t be longer than 1 hour. This delay is due to the synchronization process between the data recorded in the basic database and the Distribution system database.

The synchronization process may take longer than 1 hour only in case of technical interference or force majeure.

Also, please be aware that the settlement (the final transfer of securities and cash) of the trade transactions which are concluded on the Macedonian Stock Exchange take place from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., every working day, upon which the account statement of the holder is updated immediately. Аcording to the Law on Securities, the settlement may be performed immediately and it shouldn’t take longer than 2 business days from the day when the transaction was concluded.

Please note that the Distribution system can provide data about any changes on behalf of securities’ account, only for the period after 01.01.2017.

The bank fee for providing the electronic services through the Distribution system is paid by the Depository.