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Natural persons or legal entities –holders of securities account/s, can be registered for access to the Distribution system in the following manners:

  1. The holder of the securities account can contact the members of CSD AD Skopje who in the role of administrator will register and provide username for the holder.  The holder of the securities account can submit the application form to CSD’s member, even though the holder is not a Client of the Member.
  2. Тhe Holder can also apply for registration for access to the Distribution system directly to the CSD`s premises.

In order to be registered for access to the Distribution system, the Holder has to submit  the application form in the Member/CSD’s premises.

If the application form is submitted via proxy, а notarized power of attorney that is issued for that purpose, shall be attached to the application form. If the Holder is a legal entity, the power of attorney should contain signature and seal..

Before the Holder of the account is registered, the Member/CSD shell check  whether the application form is complete and proper, while in the same time  performing identification of the Holder on the basis of ID documentation for natural persons and certification of status for legal entities.

When the Holder is foreign natural person or legal entity, the Application form may be submitted via mail, together with  copy of passport (for natural persons) or certification of status (for legal entities), certified by competent authority in accordance with the regulation of the country of origin. The certified documentation has to be translated in Macedonian language by authorized court interpreter. The Member/CSD’s retains a copy of the identification documents and proceeds in accordance to the Law on person data protection and other relevant regulation.

The user name for the access to the Distribution system is created in accordance with the instructions given by the Holder. If the username is already registered on behalf of another Holder, the Holder will be recommended to choose another username.

The e-mail address of the Holder, given in this Application form is recommended to be used as an username.

If you are legal entity that have an user account for a Holder, and have the opportunity to register another account as an issuer as well,  please take into consideration that the e-mail addresses for registration, and the usernames for issuer and holder have to be different for thestwo types of user accounts.

Right after the registration is done, the Holder receives a printed copy with registration data. Simultaneously an activation link is sent  on the e-mail address that the Holder has given in the Application form (the activation link is available for period of 7 days after the registration is done). For foreign natural persons/legal entities, the registration data  are sent on the e-mail address that was given in the Application form.

Once the account is activated,  the Holder can create the password for the user account and proceed for the further access to the Distribution system of CSD AD Skopje.