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For the purposes of the registration for access to the CSD`s Distribution system, a “Contact for providing services for the Issuers through the Distribution system of CSD AD Skopje” is necessary to be concluded.  The Contract will regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the contacting parties for providing the services through the CSD`s Distribution system.

It is necessary, the Issuer to provide an e-mail address in the Contract that address on which after the Issuer is registered, will be send a message with an  activation link  

If you are legal entity that have an user account for a Holder, and have the opportunity to register another account as an Issuer as well, please take into consideration that the e-mail addresses for registration, and the usernames for Issuer and Holder have to be different for the two types of user accounts.

Right after the Contract is signed by the Issuer, in order to confirm its identity and for the purpose of the registration in the Distribution system, the following documentation has to be submitted:

  1. Certificate of status issued by the Central Business Registry of Republic of Macedonia, issued less  than 30 days
  2. A notification letter specifying  the authorized person for receiving the registration data.

Based on the submitted signed Contract and the proper documentation, CSD will register the Issuer for access to the Distribution system and will issue a printed copy containing  the registration data.. On the behalf of the Issuer, the printed copy with the registration data is received by an authorized person, that was previously identified by the Depository employee. CSD retains a printed copy of the identification document of the authorized person, and proceeds  in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Simultaneously, while the copy with the registration is being issued, a message containing the activation link will be sent to the e-mail address that the Issuer has stated in the Contract. The issuer is obligated to access the activation link immediately for the purpose of activation of the user profile.  (The activation link is available for period of 7 days after the registration is done).

Once the account is activated, the Issuer can create the password for the user account and proceed for the further access to the Distribution system of CSD AD Skopje.